What To Expect From Your Rodent Control Visit

Rodents are never a fun guest to have in a home. Whenever our homes are invaded by Stuart Little, Mrs. Frisby, or the secret rats from NIMH, we will panic and go into overdrive to rid our homes of them. Furthermore, the most effective way to rid our homes of rodents will be to employ the services of a rodent control company. So, here is what you can expect to happen when the rodent control professional visits your home.

Company Marked Vehicle

The rodent control exterminator should arrive in their company’s car. The company car should be clearly marked with the company’s logo, branding, and other contact information.

Dressed Professional

The rodent control exterminator should be professionally dressed.Their uniform may vary from company to company. This company uniform could be anything from either jeans, khakis, or slacks paired with a company branded polo or dress shirt.

Outside Inspection

The exterminator will want to check the outside of your home. He will check your mailboxes, gutters, and other areas for possibles places of infestation or entry points.

Entry Points Inspection

The exterminator will look for entry points on the interior of the home too. Some of the most common entry points for rodents will be the bathrooms, kitchens, garages, basements, attics, crawlspaces, and under sinks.

Interior Inspection

The rodent exterminator will check the interior of your home for signs of pest infestations. Also, he will check any hotspots in the home where you have spotted rodents before.

Use a Flashlight

The rodent control professional will use a flashlight to see in dark and dimly lit areas. This will allow him to find evidence in places that rodents frequent. This will allow him to place traps or poisons there. Some other tools that the rodent control professional will use are telescopes mirrors, moisture meters, and probing tools.

Inspection Report

After the inspection is complete the rodent control exterminator will give you a report. The report will give details, recommendations, and a price for eliminating rodents from your home. Some of the recommendations may include things for you to do on a daily or weekly basis after he treats your home for rodents.

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