Visalia Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services in Visalia

Visalia Pest Control At one time or another, every homeowner will experience pest problems. When these moments rear their ugly head, knowing when to call the professionals is the key to preventing lasting damage to property and retaining your sanity. Dustin Pest Control has offered Visalia pest control services for over 35 years. Whether it’s preventing ant invasions or repairing devastating termite damage, no case is too big or small for our team.

Common invaders such as cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, rodents, and wasps all pose risks to the health of humans and pets as well as the structural integrity of your home. That’s why it’s important to quickly respond when pests arrive and take precautions to keep them out for good. To meet any pest control needs, our services include pest extermination and removal, pest prevention, termite inspections and termite damage repair.

How to Prepare for Your Pest Control Service

Scheduling a local pest control service is quick and easy. When you call, we’ll discuss with you the type of pest issue you are having, set a time for an appointment, and share instructions on how to prepare for a visit from our team. The instructions you receive will be specialized to your issue and may vary by case. You may be asked to move furniture away from the walls or infested areas, seal and remove any food, or remove pets from certain parts of the building.

At the appointed time, your service representative will arrive and ask to see evidence of pests. These signs may include droppings, chewed wires, holes in the wall, nests, or other damage. After diagnosing the problem, they will present an action plan and get to work. Your representative will provide further recommendations such as exterminations or preventative measures upon service completion.

Why Dustin Pest Control is Visalia’s #1 Choice

Our primary goal has always been to keep our communities pest-free. We have a friendly, professional team of Visalia pest control experts who do their best to make pest removal as stress-free as possible for our friends and neighbors. After all, we call it “Home Sweet Home” for a reason – you deserve to live in a place free from rodents and creepy crawlies.

We are happy to offer discounts for military and first responders to say thank you for keeping us safe.

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