Tree and Lawn Care

Tree and Lawn Maintenance in Fresno

Fresno Tree and Lawn Care

You don't have to have a green thumb to keep a green lawn! Dustin Pest Control has over 35 years of experience treating Fresno trees and lawns to keep them looking their best. Our experienced professionals will quickly pinpoint problem areas with your trees or lawn and recommend the proper action to take. We know that every home is different and have experience treating every type of tree, grass and plant in Fresno. You will always receive a customized treatment when you choose Dustin Pest Control!

Lawn Fertilization Services

Are you ready to have a beautiful lawn all year long? Dustin Pest Control's lawn fertilization services are engineered to promote nutrient absorption and dependable growth for a healthy, green lawn every day of the year. The not-so-secret is in our Dustin Pest Control fertilizer. We take our time to design the perfect, slow and uniform releasing fertilizer for each of our Fresno clients. Call us today to schedule your professional lawn fertilization services!

Tree Spraying Services

Did you know that trees can get sick, too? Dustin Pest Control has years of experience tackling common tree diseases that can yellow, wilt and destroy beautiful trees. Our spraying services are designed to keep your trees healthy - roots and all! You may have guessed that pests can do just as much damage as tree diseases. You’re right! We can also spray to protect your trees from the pests that would make a meal out of them. Call us today to schedule your tree spraying services!

Fresno Pest Control Services

Dustin Pest Control is Fresno’s top company for both commercial and residential pest control. We tackle pest problems both big and small. From ant control to wasp removal, we have Fresno covered!


Looking for termite control in Fresno? Dustin Pest Control can identify, treat and prevent termites in your home. Call today to schedule your service. We have over 35 years of experience!


Did termite damage leave you in need of home repairs? DPC offers excellent construction repair services for when your home has been damaged by termites. Schedule an appointment today!

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