Termite Repair Construction

Termite free construction in Fresno

One of the most devastating things we see after clearing out a house that has experienced a termite infestation is the damage done to the home. Your house was probably one of the most significant investments you’ve made, and you don’t want your home to lose its value because of termites. That's why Dustin Pest Control is proud to offer the Fresno termite repair construction services you can count on.

Why Hire Dustin Pest Control For Your Post Termite Construction Services?

Wondering what to do after termites have damaged your home? When repairing the damage done by termites, it’s vital that the team handling your construction looks beyond the visible damage. Often the worst damage isn’t noticeable because termites work from the inside out.
Termites cost an estimated $30 billion in damage each year. When you hire a company for repairs, you want someone who understands the damage that termites cause and how best to prevent them in the future.

Termites not only eat the wood from the inside out making it hollow and unstable, but they also need moisture to survive which means your termite infestation may include some wood rot. Wood rot not only damages your wood but it can cause mold, fungus and other potential health hazards.

Hire Dustin Pest Control to handle your post-termite repair construction services. We are termite experts that Fresno has trusted for decades. We are experienced repairing termite damage for all of the following:

  • Bath Repairs
  • Kitchen Repairs
  • Tile
  • Termite Deck Repairs
  • Flooring
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Siding
  • Plumbing

We have over 35 years of experience ridding homes of termites and have seen more than our share of needed repairs. Our team has experienced construction professionals ready to help you repair termite damage. Why not trust one company to get rid of your termites and clean up after them as well? Contact Dustin Pest Control today to schedule your construction services.

Dustin Pest Control is also proud to offer ant control, cockroach extermination, fleas and tick treatment, bed bug extermination, rodent removal and more!

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