Termite Prevention Tips

Termites can be a costly problem to have and without proper prevention and vigilance are often discovered too late. How to prevent termites Prevention is the best way to keep your home termite free and structurally sound. Here are some of our top termite prevention tips.

Get regular inspections

Having annual inspections done by professionals is a great way to spot existing termite problems and areas of risk. During the inspection, a termite exterminator will check access points and areas of concern. A professional termite control company will be able to detect the smallest sign of termite infestation.

Beware of moisture

Moisture is a magnet for termites. Because termites need moisture to survive (they use it for building their tunnels and they require it in their diet), extreme moisture can lead to termite infestation.

Places to look for moisture:

  • Broken tiles in the roof.
  • A leaking or dripping air conditioning.
  • Leaky pipes.

Any space where moisture can cause wood to rot is at risk of termite infestation. If you find yourself with a major issue like burst pipes or a leaking air conditioner resolve it sooner rather than later. Once it is resolved be sure the problem hasn’t spread further.  Have a termite inspection.

Rethink storage

Cardboard boxes are the go to for most people to store items. However, those Christmas decorations and winter sweaters may be increasing your risk for termites. Instead of using cardboard boxes use plastic containers for storage. If items are in storage, they are probably somewhere out of sight and out of mind, meaning it may take even longer for you to notice the signs of termites.  Not only will this help protect you from termites. Plastic containers are more stable and more likely to survive when being crushed or exposed to water.

Don’t forget the outside

Termites come in from the inside out, securing your yard and home exterior is an excellent way to make sure they never make it indoors.
Things to remember:

  • Keep wood from outside the house.
  • Have tree stumps or any rotted trees removed.
  • Use mulch made from nonwood materials such as plastic or rubber when possible.
  • Invest in termite resistant fencing and posts.

You can prevent termite infestation with extreme preparation. If you notice signs of termites in your home contact Dustin Pest Control to schedule your termite inspection.


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