Ant Control

What to do if I have a ant Infestation in my house

Fresno Ant Control

For as long as we can remember, ants have been derailing landscaping efforts, destroying electrical equipment, and administering painful bites to those who encounter them. At Dustin Pest Control, we focus on elimination and prevention of ants in your home.

Ant Prevention

Ants are always in motion, working towards a goal. Whether that goal be searching for food or seeking shelter from inclement weather, that goal can lead them to enter your home. A major part of ant prevention is understanding the science behind ants. When in distress, on alert or in attack mode, ants release pheromones. This powerful signal calls to other ants and if you don't properly eliminate and treat an area, more ants will arrive when you think you've taken care of the problem.

Professional Ant Control

More often than not, store bought solutions aren't up to the task. Our professional pest control technicians are trained and certified to identify entry points, problem areas and create a custom ant control solution for your home and the specific type of ants you are dealing with.

Is your home ready for pest control services? Make sure to view our Pest Control Prep Sheet for reference!

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