Organic Pest Control

Organic Pest Control in Fresno

Homeowners are becoming more and more conscientious of the products they use to keep their homes free of pests. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing it because you’re a parent, a pet owner, an avid gardener, or another reason. Dustin Pest Control has the organic pest control services that Fresno residents are looking for. From chemical-free pest control solutions to preventative pest exclusion, we are happy to provide homeowners with organic alternatives to traditional pest control.

Chemical-Free Pest Control Options

Are you looking for an organic, chemical-free pest control solution for your Fresno home? Call Dustin Pest Control today for more information about our natural, low toxicity options for preventing and eliminating pests.

Fresno Pest Control Services

Dustin Pest Control is Fresno’s top company for both commercial and residential pest control. We tackle pest problems both big and small. From ant control to wasp removal, we have Fresno covered!


Looking for termite control in Fresno? Dustin Pest Control can identify, treat and prevent termites in your home. Call today to schedule your service. We have over 35 years of experience!


Did termite damage leave you in need of home repairs? DPC offers excellent construction repair services for when your home has been damaged by termites. Schedule an appointment today!

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