Merced Pest Control Services

Don’t Let Pests Control Your Life

Merced Pest ControlMost of us can handle the occasional roach with no problem, but when pests start showing up on a regular basis, it’s time to take action. In these moments, knowing when to call your Merced pest control professional can make all the difference for your property, health, and sanity.

Dustin Pest Control has helped local homes and business stay pest-free for over 35 years. From termite damage to bed bug infestations, we’ve seen and done it all. No problem is too big or small.

Pests common to Merced County – such as cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, rodents, and wasps – put humans’ and pets’ health at risk and can cause expensive property damage. If you suspect a pest control problem, it’s better to act now rather than wait to see if the issue progresses. We offer home inspections to catch problems quickly as well as pest removal, home repair, and preventative services to keep unwanted visitors out for good.

What To Do if You Need A Pest Control Service

  1. Call us at (209) 299-6949. Our service reps will ask you about your situation, schedule an appointment, and give you instructions on how to prepare before our team comes to visit.
  2. Follow the instructions given to you by the service rep. Instructions may vary depending on your situation. You may be asked to seal and put away open containers of food, move furniture from infested areas, or remove pets from the service area to avoid exposure to pest control materials.
  3. At your appointment time, a member of our Merced pest control team will arrive at your location. They will inspect any signs of infestation, explain the next steps with you, and begin the pest removal process. When they are finished working, they will let you know if you need further extermination or prevention services.

Merced’s Best Choice for Pest Control

Dustin Pest Control CouponsFrom prevention to removal and repair, Dustin Pest Control is Merced’s top choice for commercial and residential pest control. We are proud to provide excellent service to make your experience as stress-free as possible. As a way of saying thanks, we also offer discounts to military and first-responders in the community.

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