How To Prevent Rat And Mouse Problems

The best way to get rid of rats and mice is to prevent them from moving into you home in the first place. If you make your home as inhospitable to them like the desert in Mad Max, then the rats and mice will go someplace else to live. Here are the best prevention methods for rats and mice.

Seal Openings with Cement

Check your home for any holes, cracks, and other places where rats and mice can enter your home. Simple caulking will not work against them because they can chew through this material. Cement is a good substance to use instead.

Trash Can Lids Fit Tight

Make sure that your home has trash cans that has tight fitting lids. A loose fitting lid or a trash can with no lid will give rats and mice easy access to food.

Clean Up Pet Food Afterwards

Be sure to clean up spilled pet food and water after your pet. Also, do not leave out food and water for your pets. These will be areas that rats and mice can frequent for an easy source for food and water.

Throw Trash Away

Throw away your trash immediately. Rats and mice like to hide under things like trash, papers, and other rubbish.

Cut Grass, Trim Trees and Bushes

Having an unkempt yard is another invitation for rats and mice to move into your home. It is a good idea to keep your grass cut, to trim away some tree branches, and to keep your hedges nicely trimmed too.

Store Firewood Away from Home

Firewood is another location that mice and rats like to use as shelter from other predators. So, it is recommended that you store firewood away from the walls of your home.

Keep Extra Bricks and Wood Elevated

If it is possible in your backyard, it is a good tactic to keep any unused extra bricks and wood elevated above the ground to prevent rats and mouse from using them as shelter.

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