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What kinds of termites are there.Dustin Pest Control has been serving Clovis pest control services for over 35 years. Our team works hard to keep your home pest and rodent free.

Know that you and your home are in safe hands and that we will use only the proper technicians and formulas to rid your home of unwanted guest including ant, cockroach, bed bugs, fleas and ticks, rodentswasps and mosquito control.

Pest Issues in Clovis

Any animal removal or local pest control services performed in Clovis are strongly regulated by Fresno County and California so rest easy knowing your job is being done by people familiar with the legal regulations. Rats are extremely common in Fresno California between the alluring crawl spaces, hardly attended to attics and basements many rodents easily find a home in the offices and homes of Clovis’ residents. Rats aren’t just an annoying pest, their presence can be dangerous as not only do that carry diseases but can create fires by chewing on wires.

What to Expect During Your Pest Control Visit

When you call to schedule your local pest control service appointment the sales representative will ask you questions about what type of pest issue you’re experiencing. Then they will work with you to set a time and give you instructions on how to prepare for your visit. Depending on your issue, your preparation may be different. Beforehand you may be asked to move anything away from the walls or other infested areas; you will also want to make sure any food is properly sealed and put away. You may want to restrict any pets into an area where they won’t be in the way of the process or exposed to any pest control materials.

Dustin Pest Control Coupons Typically you will meet the service representative when they arrive, and they will ask to see any evidence of the pest (such as dropping or chewed wires or holes in the wall). They will then walk you through the next process and began to work. After your service is complete, you will be told if you will require further extermination services or just prevention services.

Call Dustin Pest Control to see how we can get your local pest control issues under control! (559)275-2253.

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