Clovis Pest Control Services

Clovis Pest Control Services

Most homeowners can handle the occasional spider or roach without issue, but regular visits from pests shouldn’t be normal. Pest infestations at one time or another are inevitable, so to take action when unwelcome critters come to stay. Dustin Pest Control has been keeping homes and businesses free from pests for over 35 years. From repairing devastating termite damage to regular pest prevention, no job is too big or small for our team.

We are also happy to offer discounts for first responders and military personnel as thanks for keeping our communities safe. 

Common pests around Clovis, CA:

Rats in particular are extremely common in Fresno County. Between the alluring crawl spaces, hardly attended-to attics and basements, many rodents easily find shelter in the offices and homes of Clovis residents. And rats aren’t just annoying, their presence can be dangerous due to carrying diseases and their tendency to create fires by chewing on wires.

If you need pest prevention, extermination or removal; termite inspections or termite damage repair, choose the experts at Dustin Pest Control. When you call our team, you can rest easy knowing that you and your home are in safe hands. We will always use the proper technicians and formulas to rid your home of unwanted guests, and we are familiar with the legal regulations for animal removal and pest control in Fresno County and the state of California.

What to Expect During Your Pest Control Visit

Scheduling a pest control service is fast and easy. Simply call us or fill out a service request to discuss your situation with a representative and schedule an appointment time. During your call, our customer service representative will ask you questions about what type of pest issue you’re experiencing and. Then they will work with you to set a time and give you instructions on how to prepare for your visit.

Depending on your issue, your preparation may be different. You may be asked to move furniture away from the walls or other infested areas; you will also want to make sure any food is properly sealed and put away. You may want to restrict any pets into an area where they won’t be in the way of the process or exposed to any pest control materials.

When the technician arrives, they will ask you to show them where the pest issue is located or what evidence of the issue you’ve seen, such as droppings, nests and chewed wires. Then the technician will formally diagnose the problem and recommend a plan of action for removing the pests. Once the job is completed, we recommend preventative service to keep pests away for good.

Contact Dustin Pest Control to begin your service request today.

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About Our Clovis Location

Our office is located in northwestern Clovis, near the corner of N Peach Ave and W Alluvial Ave. We are just a 2-minute walk from Railroad Park and a 4-minute drive from the heart of the Glorietta community.

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