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4 Facts About Rodents

Diseases on Diseases on Diseases

According to the CDC, there are least 35 possible diseases that rats and mice can spread to humans. But how? Rodents are known to not particularly favor being in the limelight and interacting with humans. Diseases such as rat-bite fever, salmonellosis and hantavirus are easily spread through feces/urine, salvia and fleas.  

Long Teeth

Did you know that rodents’ teeth never stop growing? Ever. No wonder these little guys are wizards when it comes to chewing through electrical cables and wires. In fact, their teeth can grow up to five inches a year. Instinctually, rodents will find a way to file down their teeth – don’t let it be your home.   The four facts that make rodents unique are the same reason they are unwanted in households across the world. Contact Dustin Pest Control today for a quote on rodent removal services.  
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